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Megacube Doubledecker



Carrying capacity approx. 17 tonnes


Useable internal dimensions

Height 2.89m

Length 13.55m

Raising deck 2 x 4.5m

Deck thickness approx. 80 millimetres

Width 2.4m

Cubic capacity 94 cubic metres


These are very similar to the Megacube Box trailers but the rear two-thirds of the trailers have a raising floor system in two decks. The front third is as a standard Megacube, but we can add a static deck at a required height to give the upper deck height through the trailer. They are very useful for sound cabinets (such as Clair Bros) as you can wheel the cases in to load the deck, raise it, and then load the second load in underneath. It means no lifting of heavy sound cabinets. Each of the two decks in our trailers has a capacity of 3 tonnes.

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