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About us

Transam Trucking has the specialist equipment, one of the largest and most up-to-date fleets of vehicles in the business and an excellent team of drivers and logistics experts to help us fulfil every demand in this formidable industry.

Our Team
Our Trucks

All of our vehicles are maintained in our own workshops on a stringent service schedule. The maintenance of vehicles and operational requirements are very strictly laid down under the EEC's Road Transport regulations. 


Our support staff all know the terrain, the venues, borders and the politics like the back of their hands.


We hold accounts with all of our truck and trailer suppliers throughout the UK, Europe and Russia, supported by our links with other noted European Operators and so our fleet is well-supported technically, wherever it may venture.


Transam Trucking have one of the biggest and most recognisable fleets in the industry, with our distinctive and iconic black livery. We currently operate 130+ vehicles of our own.


15.65m/51.25ft 'Big Boy' Megacube Artic*

13.6m/45ft Megacube Artic

9.6m/31.5ft 'Dumpy' Megacube Artic

13.6m45ft Megacube Doubledecker

13.6m/45ft Megacube Curtainsider

13.6m/45ft Megastep Artic

18T Rigid Box Truck

Mercedes Sprinter Van


Also -


40ft Ultra lightweight mega skeleton/rails

40ft Skeleton/rails



This can be supplemented by up to 100 sub-rentals from our long trusted, regular partners. We only operate Euro 5 and Euro 6 standard trucks. 

*Big Boy only available for UK-based operations.

The original Transam Trucking Directors, Mark Guterres and Sandie Flatt, along with most of our senior staff, have been with Transam since the beginning. We have a team with unparalelled experience on-the-road and an understanding of all the idiosynchrasies in the fabulous world of entertainment touring. 


We value our drivers and are proud to maintain very good working conditions for them. As a consequence we have over three hundred dependable, knowledgeable and experienced drivers who we use regularly, who proudly choose to stay with us for the long haul and absolutely love their work.

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